Welcome to KindSpace, a center for mental health.

We provide professionally facilitated group therapy for people living through various challenges and circumstances. We believe that one of the cornerstones of better mental health is feeling connected and supported during difficult moments. By participating in groups, you can receive the support you need, while also providing it to others. Each group is a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic environment where you can feel better, together.

Created & led by qualified professionals

Each group is planned and led by two trained facilitators (psychologists) who provide focused attention to each group.

Research based

Based on the aim, our groups follow a combination of supportive, interpersonal and process oriented approaches.

Rooted in compassion & community

Each KindSpace provides a supportive and inclusive environment where people can find a community and be heard without judgment.

Why KindSpace Care Groups

You’re not alone in your problems

Troubles are easier when there are others to share them with. Each group brings together people going through similar challenges thus creating an environment where we are best suited to understand each other

Hope & cope

Being with others as they go through similar circumstances teaches us to cope and seeing them get better gives us hope to better face our own difficulties

Your sharing helps not only you, but also others

Sharing channels our distress towards alleviating similar suffering in others – when we share, others feel understood and heard

Impact beyond the group

Finding nurturing relationships in a group allows us to better relate to others outside the group. Our children, friends, family thus are all impacted by a single individual participating in our care groups.

Come to share. Come to listen. Come to feel better, together.

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