Rules & Guidelines

To maintain an environment of respect in each group, we have put together a few short rules & guidelines that we expect each group member to follow.

  1. All people and all perspectives are welcome, as long as they are presented respectfully. 
  2. Violence, intimidation, bullying or harassment towards anyone is strictly not tolerated
  3. To maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of those participating, what is said in the group, stays in the group. You may discuss your learnings and insights from the group, but please do not disclose any personal or identifying details of any of the participants.
  4. You may, with mutual consent, connect with other members of the group.
  5. The group is your time for you. Please join the session 5 minutes ahead of time to give yourself time to settle in, and keep your phones and other distractions away
  6. Group members cannot participate while under the influence of alcohol or any mind altering substance.