Interpersonal Group therapy for parentification: Coping with childhood emotional neglect

Interpersonal group therapy for parentification & childhood emotional neglect

INR 2500* per session for clients based in India

USD60 per session for clients living outside India

*exclusive of all taxes. Financial aid available.

**The group will start if we have a minimum of 6 members.

***This group will have people from different countries. A final decision on the day and time will be based on the best possible option that accommodates everyone.

About this group

If as children you were expected to constantly care for the adults around you and had to take on mature roles before you were ready, you might be parentified. As an adult, you might find yourself in caregiving positions that are exhausting and unreciprocated, and in relationships that exploit your caring efforts. You might yourself struggling with anger, guilt and a fear that not caring for the others will mean abandonment.

Why this group

You might feel ready to create space for a new narrative in your life. It is helpful to go through this journey in a supportive, therapeutic environment among those who resonate with similar childhood experiences. In the 6 months together, you will – 

  1. Map and process the impact of your childhood experiences on your adult life
  2. Receive active therapeutic intervention or feedback from psychologists and other members in a manner that can help you identify unhealthy patterns 
  3. Experiment with new ways of relating to others in the safety of the group
  4. Learn ways to reparent yourself and identify sources of support that will helps you heal in the long term
  5. Learn to draw healthier boundaries in various interpersonal relationships
  6. Become comfortable in receiving care from others

Who should join

  • If you feel you were a parent to your parents when you were a child
  • If you feel you continue to play this part in your family
  • If you feel you are seeking too much care from your (young) children or placing adult responsibilities on them, despite your best intentions not to (eg. depending on them like you would rely on a partner)
  • You must be above the age of 18.

How to join this group

  • Please click on the button above (Request an Intake Call) and share your contact details so that we may set up a call with you to better understand how this group can help you.
  • We will walk you through the steps after that.

About your facilitator

Dr Nivida Chandra

Nivida is a psychologist and researcher, specializing in parentification and the emotional abuse of children in India. She holds a PhD in psychology from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and was awarded the Fulbright fellowship to New York University (NYU). This topic is particularly close to her heart, and she hopes to create spaces where people can work through some of the long-term, debilitating consequences of their early life experiences.

She is also the founder-editor of The Shrinking Couch, which publishes informational and experiential articles for those affected by mental health concerns. 

If you have questions about how groups work, or if this group is right for you, please visit our FAQ page or simply request a callback by clicking the button below. We’ll email / text you to set up a time for a call.