Life after Loss: Group Therapy for Grieving the Death of a Loved One

Rs. 2500* per session 

*exclusive of all taxes. Financial aid is available

**The group will start if we have a minimum of 6 members.

About this group

How do we make sense of something as painful as the death of a loved one?

The vaccum that is left behind by losing someone we love can be isolating, evoke feelings of helplessness, sadness and anger. There is no one way to grieve. Grief does not follow a timeline.

Why this group

It can be helpful to share all that we might be going through – anger, helplessness, sorrow, confusion and so much more – with others who are going through similar loss. Group therapy is helpful in dealing with these emotions, especially as it offers a space to come together with those who understand this experience.

This group is here to help and support those who have suffered loss (recent or in the past).

Who should join

  • If you have suffered the loss of a loved one (not necessarily due to the pandemic)
  • Your loss could have occurred a few days or several years ago. All are welcome
  • You must be above the age of 18

How to join this group

  • Please click on the button above (Request an Intake Call) and share your contact details so that we may set up a call with you to better understand how this group can help you.
  • We will walk you through the steps after that.

About your facilitator

Ann Philipose

Ann is trained as a psychologist and family therapist and has a private practice. Her work is with individual adults and couples, specializing in couplehood, singlehood and relationships. Previously, she has facilitated groups focusing on eating disorders and social anxiety in Melbourne, Australia, and worked as a consultant for the W.J. Clinton Fellowship and ChildrenFirst, India. 
She believes that creating safe and emotionally healthy spaces is key for individuals to know themselves and to build a compassionate relationship with their selves and the other.

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