Group therapy for Adults Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Group Therapy for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Rs. 2500* per session

*exclusive of all taxes. Financial aid is available 

**The group will start if we have a minimum of 6 members.

About this group

Even as adults, childhood sexual abuse might still be a personal or family secret. The silence around this leads children (and the adults they become) to question the significance and validity of their experiences. Adults can feel conflicted about addressing its impact and instead feel pushed to deny it ever happened or how it’s affecting them. The effects of CSA are most evident in intimate relationships, where they might experience flashbacks, freezing, dissociation, numbing and even overwhelming anxiety. Unless addressed gently, the sense of violation continues, as does a quiet feeling that one is still not safe in one’s body. It can be difficult to verbalize what happened, seek help or to know whom to turn to.

Why this group

It is undoubtedly scary to revisit these memories. If you feel ready, however, to address them, this group offers a therapeutic and compassionate space. In our 6 months together, we will support you to – 

  1. Map and process the impact of your childhood experiences on your adult life
  2. Verbalize your story at your own pace amid others who have had similar experiences and concerns
  3. Listen to your body and feel safe again
  4. Address emotions that have been left unattended for all these years
  5. Reclaim lost feelings of self-worth

Who should join

  • Adults who have experienced sexual abuse as children. 
  • You must be above the age of 18.
  • It is sometimes unclear if one has experienced sexual abuse as a child. This is understandable. Please contact us should you like to know more.

How to join this group

  • Please click on the button above (Request an Intake Call) and share your contact details so that we may set up a call with you to better understand how this group can help you.
  • We will walk you through the steps after that.

About your facilitator

Dr Sugandh Dixit

Sugandh received her doctoral training in clinical psychology from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh USA. She works and writes in the area of complex trauma, embodiment and gender studies. She has facilitated stress management, trauma informed and inter-personal groups in diverse clinical settings both in the US and in India.

She advocates for mental health to move away from the notion of “fixing” the individual to acknowledging the impact socio-cultural factors on an individual’s wellbeing. Ideas of gender, trauma, social justice and eco-friendly practices are close to her heart.

If you have questions about how groups work, or if this group is right for you, please visit our FAQ page or simply request a callback by clicking the button below. We’ll email / text you to set up a time for a call.