Our Groups

Our Groups

Group Therapy for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Adults who have experienced sexual abuse as children carry with them feelings of anger, helplessness, shame, self-blame, low self esteem and guilt. Unless addressed gently, the sense of violation continues, as does a quiet feeling that one is still not safe in one’s body. It is undoubtedly scary to revisit these memories. If you feel ready, however, to address them, this group offers a therapeutic and compassionate space to verbalize your story at your own pace amid others who have had similar experiences and concerns and address difficult emotions and bodily experiences.

Supportive Group Therapy for New Mothers

In the early months after birth, it can be difficult to take time for yourself or pay attention to the many feelings that are invariably a part of new motherhood. Attending to these in a therapeutic environment can help ease the process of being with your baby, and resolve some anxiety and confusing moods that often accompany this experience. It can help to have a space where you can safely share all that is going on for you, and receive compassionate support from psychotherapists and other mothers who understand what you’re going through.

Interpersonal Group Therapy for Parentification: Coping with Childhood Emotional Neglect

Some of you were once, or maybe still are, the person upon whom your parents placed a lot of responsibility. Perhaps you feel that you were a parent to your parents when you were a child, that is, you felt like you cared a lot more for them than they were able to care for you. This may have impacted you as an adult as an individual, parent or partner. We meet each week to begin to reform healthy, balanced relationships with ourselves and others. We identify patterns that are hurting us and soothe our emotional exhaustion as we get better, together.

Group Therapy for Grieving the Death of a Loved One

Losing someone we love is often like losing a part of us. We remember them and what we shared together, even months and years after they are physically gone. Grieving can also feel like a lonely journey. This Kind Space offers a supportive space to come together every week to be with and to express our grief in all its complexity.